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Raw materials excavating and goods producing

The group of companies “Stonex” was established in year 2005 as international vertically-integrated holding for excavating, producing, selling,
delivering and mounting of granite and marble items, set for various territories improvement, as well as processing of open-textured block materials made from
limestone, sandstone, travertine, dolomite and others.

The holding’s assets include private granite quarry of “Andreevskoe” (TM) minefield located in Sverdlovsk region close to Alapaevsk city (Subsoil license
СВЕ № 07097 ТЭ, issued following the competition results by the order of MNR of Sverdlovsk region № 260 dated 26.10.2006). The same location has a modern
industrial warehouse complex for processing of granite and marble block materials from Russian granite and marble minefields listed below:

  • Andreevskoe TM;
  • Mansurovskoe;
  • Sibirskoe;
  • Juzhno-Sultaevskoe;
  • Zapadno-Sultaevskoe;
  • Lis’ja Gorka;
  • Suhovjazskoe;
  • Vostochno-Varlamovskoe;
  • Golovirenskoe;
  • Isetskoe;
  • Malyshevskoe;
  • Cvetok Urala;
  • Bulatovskoe;
  • Baltijskoe;
  • Vozrozhdenie;
  • Kashina Gora;
  • Kamenogorskoe;
  • Ladozhskoe;
  • Kuznechnoe;
  • Drugoreckoe;
  • Granatovyj Amfobolit;
  • Koelga;
  • Verhnij Ufalej;
  • Pereval’noe;
  • Mramorskoe;
  • Shabrovskoe;
  • Grigor’evskoe;
  • Sajanskoe;
  • Kadyshskoe;
  • Abzakovskoe;
  • Pershinskoe;
  • Hibinit;
  • Tashtagol’skoe;
  • Pilageev Log;

“Mines-raw materials-production” chain provides undeniable competitive advantage for client service and allows to fulfill
orders of any complexity absolutely independently from other companies.

Holding also includes industrial complex located in Novaya Borovaya town, Zhitomirsk region, the Ukraine, operating such granite minefields as:

  • Emel’janovskoe;
  • Gabbro;
  • Pokostovskoe;
  • Mezhericheskoe;
  • Vasil’evskoe;
  • Korninskoe;
  • Kapustinskoe;
  • Sinij kamen’;
  • Zhezhelevskoe;
  • Leznikovskoe;
  • Simony grey and red;
  • Maslavskoe;
  • Krupskoe;
  • Neverovskoe;
  • Rogovskoe;
  • Rahny-Polevskoj;

The Southern Urals in Russia and Zhitomirsk region in the Ukraine are the territories rich in such raw materials as granite and marble.
This explains such location of our premises – they are close to the sources of raw materials.

In December 2010 “Stonex” holding started developing a new aspect of its activity, which is processing of Russian limestone and sandstone
blocks and opened a manufactory for producing sawn, pitch-faced and cylindrical items made from limestone, sandstone, travertine, dolomite
from Russian minefields located in Moscow region, Voskresensk town, Promploschadky area.

“Stonex” holding is rapidly developing import of granite, marble, travertine and dolomite slabs with polished and heat-treated front face from China and India.
Our companies are accredited at ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok. We directly contact stone processing plants in China and India and are
able to comply with any requests for these products. At Moscow warehouse we always maintain a certain stock of granite, marble, travertine, slate slabs not
less than 25 000 m2, which are produced in China and India.

Our products:

  • granite paving blocks of various sizes and refining types;
  • granite borders;
  • granite slabs of various sizes and refining types;
  • granite steps and risers;
  • granite pedimental stone, «rock» type;
  • marble slabs of various sizes;
  • travertine slabs of various sizes and refining types;
  • limestone slabs, any products for facade cladding of limestone;
  • sandstone slabs, any products for facade cladding of sandstone;
  • sandstone paving blocks;
  • chibinite slabs;

Our products are used by major construction companies in Russia, by lots of commercial businesses and organizations, architect firms, private customers, including:

  • ZAO «Evrocement Grup»
  • ZAO «SF«Sapsan»
  • OAO «Gazprom Ipoteka»
  • OAO «Bank Zenit»
  • OOO «CentrMostoStroj»
  • OAO «Nacional’naja Stroitel’naja Kompanija»
  • OAO «Bank «Vitas»
  • ZAO SU-336
  • ZAO TD «Partner»
  • ZAO «EvrazijaTransStroj»
  • OOO «Gornometallurgicheskaja titanovaja kompanija»
  • GosKorporacija «OLIMPSTROJ»
  • OOO «Veststroj»
  • OOO «Strategija stroitel’stva»
  • OOO «A11»
  • OOO «Junikom-Servis»
  • ZAO «Restavracionnoe predprijatie «Kitung-Zapad»
  • OOO «Strojsnabresurs»
  • OOO «Al’jansstroj»
  • OOO «Rosjekostroj»
  • OOO «Tehno-Ojl»
  • OOO «Strojmontazh»
  • ZAO «Proteks-centr»
  • OOO «TD «Neostrom»
  • ZAO «Komplekt Avtomatika»
  • ZAO «Renejssans Konstrakshn»
  • ZAO «SmolInzhStroj»
  • OAO «Zavod «JeLEKON»
  • OOO «Strojspecservis»
  • OOO «Innova-stroj»
  • AB Lofting i drugie.


The assets of the holding include PE “Zheleznov K.E.” transport company which has a park of special and cargo equipment: 5 and 10 tons handling equipment
for transporting and unloading of cases with natural stone products, 10 and 25 tons dump trucks for pitch-faced granite pavers transportation, open-top and covered
euro trucks for transporting of cases with natural stone products.

Since 2007 the membership of “Stonex” holding receives “MosStroyAlyans” company. “MosStroyAlyans” construction company has been operating in the construction market since 1996,
the company’s main activity is as follows:

  • granite stone paving;
  • clinker stone paving;
  • granite slabs paving and cladding;
  • granite cladding of stairs;
  • granite cladding of halls and buildings’ facades;
  • marble tiling of floors and walls;
  • limestone, sandstone, travertine, dolomite cladding of facades;
  • clinker bricks and clinker tiles facing of facades;

Sartorial statement of “Stonex” holding is a complete range of operations starting from development of specifications for granite items, producing and delivering to a customer’s site, up to signing of construction work completion certificate.
Among our most interesting completed projects are:

  • Conservation area number 1 of the Moscow Kremlin Ensemble, next ot the “Shilov Gallery”, Moscow.
  • Historic monument, Russian litterateurs Zubovys’ estate of the 19th century on Solzhenitsyn str., 9, Moscow.
  • Russian Geographic Society on Novaya ploschad street, 10/2, Moscow.
  • Pokrovsky Boulevard, Moscow.

We are open to dialogue and willing to consider all your suggestions. We hope for a long-term stable business relationship.

Exchange valuable experience will improve the efficiency and develop the business!

If you want to build partnerships, you can contact us by phone: 8-800-555-06-73


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